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„I can say about me that I am a happy man because my hobby is my profession.”

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First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am András Lelkes, the main organizer of the Lelkes Mineral Show.

With my passion for collecting minerals, I was “infected” at a young age. I studied at the Geological University in Moscow, where I graduated in geology and gemmology. I started my career at the Hungarian State Institute of Geology, but as end of socialism in Hungary severely battered the Hungarian geological profession, I suddenly decided to get into the mineral.

Over time, I was increasingly excited to show off my own vision for organizing mineral exchanges. Since I also attended many of these events as an exhibitor, I knew what I would do differently.

At the end of November 2009, we had our first mineral exchange at Lurdy Ház.

About the Lelkes Mineral Shows

Accentuation of domestic minerals

It is important for us that Hungarian minerals receive great emphasis on our exchanges. Of course, we are also happy to give space for foreign minerals and jewelry made of minerals and semi-precious stones.

Promotion of earth sciences

We like to organize professional presentations and projections, where visitors can get a glimpse into the wonderful world of minerals or take a virtual walk deep into caves during 3D projections.

Healthy lifestyle

We try to make our events more and more diverse. We opened up to a healthy lifestyle a few years ago. We have set up a separate section so that exhibitors working in this field can show their products to visitors.

Everybody is welcome

At our exchanges, all ages can really find an interesting program. We organize special craft classes for the children and set up a playhouse with gold washing, pets and snake caresses.

Already at the start, many exhibitors voted for us with confidence

The growing interest in our exchanges from both exhibitors and visitors posed increasing challenges. The cumulative tasks involved in organizing necessary the involvement of my wife, Julcsi Lelkes, in the organization.

In the last year or two, my daughter, Zsófia Lelkes, also helped with the marketing tasks – in addition to her university studies – in 2017 she joined the now completed family business as an active member.


In addition to the deservedly popular Ludy mineral shows, which are being held on an increasing area, we have also opened up to new locations, e.g. Millenary, MOM Sports Center.

We supplemented the Budapest programs with rural events. In 2012, we organized our first mineral exchange in Sopron, and then in April 2016, we also started to promote the wonderful world of minerals in Győr.

Once a year, usually linked to our spring Lurdy Ház Mineral Show, we organize our huge professional event called Geo Days. Universities, museums and other institutions and organizations are invited to the event.

Our staff awaits all inquirers with astonishing experiments, scientific demonstrations and earth science games.

To strengthen the scientific line, we introduced the free precious stone testing a few years ago, which is extremely popular with our visitors.

In addition to being a family business, our team obviously has several helpers without whom this shared success would not have been possible!

Our helpers: Andrea Fekete – marketing consultant, Kata Kapuvári – main coordinator of Geo Days

Technical team: Gábor Vízer, József Bartók and Tamás Kelemen

Assistant – Masni, the cat