A really good birthday gift is one that comes from the heart and is truly for the celebrated. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Many times the most valuable gift is the time we can spend with our loved one, for example, at a joint program, at an event. Especially when the celebrant only becomes aware of this at the last minute.

The celebrated

The uncle who the story is about lives with his family in a village near Esztergom. He worked hard all his life until one day his life changed fundamentally. He was just working on the roof when maybe a bad move or a sliding roof tile caused his loss. Unfortunately, as a result of the fall, his spine was severely damaged and had to be fixed with screws. He could no longer work, and a man with limited mobility needed constant care for his family. Inaction and the sudden death of his wife were completely broken spiritually. Apart from his family, he is only interested in one thing: his collection of minerals, which he enjoys watching, directing.

The birthday present

Uncle’s daughter wanted to cheer up her father on her birthday, which was just a few days before our 7th Enthusiastic Mineral Exchange at MOM Sport.

He wrote a post on one of the Facebook groups asking members to surprise Uncle with a birthday postcard. 100 greetings were received, which was a great pleasure for Uncle. The girl’s call was shared in another group, so the request reached us, the organizers of the Enthusiastic Mineral Exchange.

We didn’t send a postcard, we invited the whole family to our mineral exchange. Everyone came together to make the birthday gift a real surprise. It required some organization to keep the stock market visit a secret from Uncle until the last minute (practically until arriving at MOM Sport), but the family handled it skillfully.

Happy end

The surprise went well, and Uncle’s joy was boundless. He also said that he had never been to such a large-scale event before. He walked carefully between the lines, avoiding the crowded parts, but in the meantime admired the many beautiful minerals from which he also bought one or two wonderful specimens for his collection. He lingered longer than a few tables because there were some acquaintances among the exhibitors who were happy to greet him.

At the end of the visit, as a farewell, our main organizers, András Lelkes and his wife, Julcsi, presented him with a 15 million-year-old fossil that he was touched by.

The birthday present was perfect. He managed to surprise Uncle with an experience of a lifetime. We are glad that we were able to contribute to this, and we hope that Uncle will be brought by his family to our next mineral exchanges.

We always love to see you!